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JWR offers a wide variety of baler models to quickly and efficiently process a variety of materials. JWR will assist your company to determine which baler is best based upon volume, the material being processed as well as future growth. As a full service provider: JWR will not only find the right piece of equipment, we offer mobile service thought out the United States and stock a full line of parts to back every unit we sell.


JWR Quote Builder

JWR offers a wide variety of baler models to quickly and efficiently process a variety of materials. JWR can assist you and determine which baler is best for you based upon your volume, the material you are processing as well as your future growth.

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BaleWulf 4560 HB

sku Product SKU:  BaleWulf 4560 HB

The Balewulf Line of Balers are versatility perfected. Constructed out of the highest quality materials and components the BaleWulf is a shining example of the unparalleled high quality that you have come to expect from Sebright Products Inc.

With a chassis made of AR400 steel and a T1 Tool Steel progressive shear this baler can handle OCC, plastics, nonferrous metals, and even roll cores! Safety is just one of the areas where the BaleWulf pulls away from the pack with the usage of a vertical interlocking door and through the door wire feed system. Other key features like an optional pneumatic clean out system and integrated piercer help keep the wire guides clear of debris and save time on tying a bale.


Through the Door Wire Feed System

The groundbreaking feature of the BaleWulf is the Through the door wire feed system that accepts both quick lock and looped end wire. The system allows the operator to feed and tie off wires from one location, standing at the door of the baler. Never before seen in the baler industry, this is a safer and more economical design than traditional balers.

Integrated Piercer

The integrated piercer is on of the key innovations of the BaleWulf. This design clears the wire channels in the ram face and guides the wire through, allowing for a quick bale tie off. The teeth of the piercer bolt on for easy replacement. By eliminating the need to be on to of the baling chamber to clear the channels, the safety advantages of the piercer cannot be understated.

Progressive Shear

The progressive shear is made from T1 Tool Steel (A514), a material that is extremely tough and allows the blades to keep thier cutting edges far longer than a typical cold rolled steel blade. The progressive design utilizes a tampered cutting edge and serrated blade that decreases the surface are in contact with the materials, which allows for more recyclables to be sheared at once.

Vertical Interlocking Ejection Door

The vertical interlocking ejection door is a safer design than a hinged baler door.  The door interlocks with the chassis floor and is constructed with heavy duty material.


BaleWulf 4560 HB

USD 0.0000

Accu-Pak™ Vertical Compactors

sku Product SKU:  Accu-Pak™ Vertical Compactors

The Accu-PakTM is the industry’s largest, fastest, and strongest vertical compactor designed for restaurants, motels, grocery stores, apartment complexes or other locations where installation space is limited. With a 30-second cycle time, the Accu-Pak compactor with a patented 4-in-1 head design is the only vertical compactor in the industry that can be configured while in the field to feed from front, rear, left or right.


  • Quick cycle times improve employee efficiency; trash is compacted in just 30 seconds.
  • 18” of ram penetration and over 28,000 lbs. of ram force ensure maximum compaction.
  • Patented 4-in-1 head can be changed to feed from front, rear, left side or right side.
  • Full Container Light alerts when trash is ready for pickup.
  • Magnetic interlock prevents compactor from operating if door is open or container is not properly in place.
  • Low temperature oil feature works well in hot or cold climates.
  • Driver light is illuminated when it is safe for the hauler to remove the container.
  • Built-in stops hold container in place to prevent movement during compaction.
  • Purchase, rental and leasing programs available.
  • Primed and pained in several color options.
  • 1-1-1 warranty (1-year structural, 1-year parts and 1-year labor).


  • Chute extension
  • Loading platform with safety rail
  • Through-the-wall installation
  • Thermostat oil-controlled heater
  • Automatic odor suppression system
  • Biodegradable oil
  • Single-phase 220 volt or 110 volt available

USD 0.0000

Sebright Belt Press

sku Product SKU:  Sebright Belt Press

The Patented Belt Filter Press Products use filter belts and mechanical pressure to dewater or solidify sludge, slurries and food products. The most common applications are for solidifying waste water sludge or industrial slurries. The Bright Technologies Belt Filter Press is a modern design that includes three (3) US Patents and many innovative features that provide high performance in a compact, high value package. Many competing products are based on old and inferior designs that do not utilize filtration area effectively.

Our belt filter press is designed with long term value and ease of operation in mind. Stainless Steel frame and roller construction are standard. An Allen Bradley tm touch screen and PLC integrate the press and support equipment so that unattended operation and integration into SCADA systems are easily accomplished. The optional press mounted operator walkways and handrails are easily removable for belt filter press maintenance and allow the operator good visibility of the process.

Our belt filter press is capable of superior results such as:

  • Maximum Hydraulic loadings of >150 GPM per meter of belt width
  • WWTP Primary - Cake Solids of up to 37%
  • Aerobic Digested - Cake Solids of up to 24% TS
  • ATAD Process – Cake Solids 30% @ 2000 Lbs./Hr./meter
  • Lagoon Sludge - Solids loadings of 2500 Lbs./Hr./meter producing 20% Solids
  • Mineral Slurries - Cake Solids of 50-70% TS at rates of 6000 Lbs./Hr./meter
  • Lime Treated Septage - Cake Solids 47% @ 1400 Lbs./Hr./Meter

USD 0.0000

There are no products for your selection at this time. Please contact us for more information.

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JWR is your full service equipment supplier. We supply a full line of equipment to provide solutions to any recycling and waste handling situation. We offer the full package starting with site consultation, equipment selection, installation, mounting, logistics, repair service and planned maintenance. We will customize a complete package from concept to startup to meet your specific needs.



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