Optimized waste handling, performance and service monitoring led to Gander Outdoors going with Bramidan

26.03.2019 Releases
Optimized waste handling, performance and service monitoring led to Gander Outdoors going with Bramidan

Gander Outdoors ended up with a Bramidan baler from JWR Inc. - one of the leading Bramidan dealers in the US.

Highly recommended and reliable balers

When Gander Outdoors relaunched the Gander brand in 2018, they needed balers for most of their stores. JWR, Inc. out of Johnson Creek, WI, had been a long term service partner for Gander, and were asked to recommend the equipment for the new stores. Cory Gardner, National Account Manager at JWR, Inc., realized that the features of the Bramidan line of balers would match with Gander Outdoors’ needs. The added safety compared to most competitors, but more importantly the built-in monitoring system, which allows JWR to dial into the machines and check for any faulty operational procedures, service issues; and even create reports of the number of bales made at the individual locations, went right in hand with Gander Outdoors focus on safety and environmental compliance.

Remote diagnostics give optimized service

Cory Gardner notes; “The BRA-IN system that is incorporated into all Bramidan balers offer such powerful features from a service standpoint. We can literally dial into all the machines and see what’s going on before dispatching a service technician. In many instances, we can save the customer a service call just by talking to the operator on site and make minor changes to programming, or offer advice for operational issues like the e-stop being pushed etc.”.

Goal of reducing waste footprint

Gander Outdoors ultimately decided to place a Bramidan B6030 at each store, where it was needed. The B6030 makes an industry spec bale of 60 x 30 x 48 inches, weighing around 1,000 lbs. Each baler was delivered directly to the individual store and offloaded with a standard pallet jack from dock. JWR then dispatched a service technician to do the final installation and training.

“Gander Outdoors had a goal of reducing our waste footprint while lowering costs and increasing efficiency. The Bramidan B6030 baler offered everything we were looking for in a cost effective, easy to use baler that incorporates technology to track performance and troubleshoot remotely". — Nick Derner, Store Operations Manager, Gander Outdoors

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