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Sorting systems
JWR is proud to announce the addition and expansion of our company. JWR can now provide everything needed for your sorting needs. Our sales team will identify your needs while working hand in hand with you to get you the most cost effective solution. The JWR approach to sorting is to better regionalize sorting and help to eliminate the high costs associated with freight. We are able to accomplish this with our unique ability to outfit you with the equipment you need to be profitable at a minimal capital investment. Contact us today to start a comprehensive analysis of your needs and get started sorting.

Single stream
JWR not being tied to any one manufacturer can now provide you with the very best equipment on the market for your single stream sorting needs. Every material stream is unique and we recognize that. If you are starting a new facility or updating an existing facility we have what it takes to make you successful.

Why pay to send waste to landfills? JWR can now help you design a system that will recover many valuable commodities from the waste stream minimizing the amount of waste being sent to landfills.

C & D
As more waste haulers recognize the value in recovering commodities from construction waste JWR recognizes the struggle for haulers to invest in systems to recover these commodities. This is why we work with you and do our best to design systems that can easily be expanded in the future.  Our team can come up with simple solutions that will be profitable for you to get started sorting C & D.